Founding members:

Helena Vortex

Kate Clayton

Katharine Meynell

Katherine Araniello 

Sarah Kent 

Teresa Albor  

Wanda Zyborska

Giovanna (Gina) Maria Casetta 


Mentors and overseas members:

Pascale Ciapp  (France) 

Rocio Boliver  (Mexico)

Sheree Rose (US)  



Adrienne Thomas

Annie Rapstoff

Caroline Osella

Danielle Imara

Emma Mills

Josie Melia

Libby Davy

Lisa Sang

Norma D Hunter

Terri Bell-Halliwell

Vivian Barraclough


Sexcentenary is now a closed chapter:

Nov 2015 - May 2017


There are two active groups made up of founding members of Sexcentenary:



+44 (0) 7889558746



Please contact

Wanda Zyborska:

Kate Clayton: